ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

The ABM-30 portable beveling machine performs auto feed beveling on steel plates on top, face and bottom edges.

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The beveller needs no track to move along steel plate to produce accurate high-quality double-side bevels without thermal distortion or creation of heat affected zone on plate thickness range 8-60 mm. The ABM-30 features an infinitely adjustable bevel angle between – 70 and + 70 degrees and is capable of producing bevels up to 30 mm wide. It also allows for facing in both directions, with the milling head depth of 1 mm.

Features and Benefits

needs no track to travel in both directions with feed speed up to 2 m/min
4 wheels feed drive eliminates hard physical work of the operator
produces double-side bevels without having to flip the plate enhancing safety and reducing material handling time and expense
edge to Edge working range
semi-automatic feed stop at end of the metal sheet
variable spindle speed
bevel width up to 30 mm (1-3/16”)
variable angle (-70°+70)°
max. plate thickness up to 60 mm
innovative, robust chip protection solution

Shipping Set

Beveling machine (with a milling head and 5 cutting inserts)
Tool box
10 mm hex wrench
3 mm hex wrench
8 mm combination wrench
Grease for screws Molykote 1000 (5 g, 0.17 oz)
Operator’s Manual

Voltage 1~ 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
1~ 110-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 2200 W
Spindle rotational speed (without load) 1800-5850 rpm
Feed speed 0-2 m/min (0–6.5 ft/min)
Bevel angle From -70° to 70°
Maximum bevel width 30 mm (1.18”)
Sheet thickness 8-60 mm (0.3–2.3”)
Required ambient temperature 5-40°C
Weight 43 kg (94.8 lbs)

ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

ABM-30 | Auto Feed Trackless Beveller

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