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  • Gravitational band saw machine.
  • Working movement of the arm is caused by the weight of the arm itself, speed is regulated by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • The machine is designed for cutting of material in vertical and angle cuts, angle cuts are possible to set fluently from 0 to 45 grades to the right. Change of angle using quick clamping handle.
  • It is suitable for piece production and small series production. Thanks to its robust construction it enables cutting of wide range of profiles and full materials.


  • The saw is designed to withstand the stresses of production conditions. All supporting parts of the saw are designed as cast iron castings for strength, vibration and shock absorption. The arm, vise and turntable are made of cast iron.
  • The arm is inclined by 25°, which increases the life of the blade. Arm mounted in preloaded and adjustable bearings.
  • Lower working position of arm controlled by cam and micro switch. The arm stops automatically when the lower end position is reached. The saw arm is raised manually by the operator.
  • The vise is made of cast iron and the jaws ensure a secure clamping of the material. The manually operated vise is housed in an adjustable groove, equipped with a quick clamping lever.
  • Blade is guided in carbide plates. Manual tensioning of saw blade
  • Drive by worm gearbox with permanent oil filling. Three-phase motor with double winding, 2 cutting speeds. Thermal motor protection.
  • Emulsion cooling system with fluid distribution to saw blade guides.
  • Base with chip tray
  • 24 V control

Basic equipment of machine:

  • Measuring end stop.
  • Band saw blade.
  • Set of spanners for common service.
  • Manual instructions in eletronic form (CD).

Operating cycle: Manually controlled quick clamping vice, cut is regulated by a hydraulic. After finnishing the cut machine will stop itself automatically and an operator lifts the arm manually to the start posittion. Feeding of material is manually.